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Independent project aimed at providing thirukkural with better readability, aesthtics, navigation and availability. Curated content from various reliable and open source books. This site uses a minimal design to serve a frill free online version of thirukkural


Right now this project is funded from my pocket and does’nt incur much expenses apart from the labour overhead. However, the bandwidth costs are destined to catch up. If any orgaization or individual would like to sponsor, you can contact here.


Thirukkural.io is volunteer friendly and you can contribute in whichever ways possible

  • Contribute by writng guest posts
  • Help Translate to various languages
  • Help collect openly available translations
  • Help proof reading and data collection
  • Technical stuff always invited

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Feel free to let me know your thought on this site, and its build. Your suggestions, comments and thoughts are much appreciated. Let me know here


I am working on adding comments to the site, but I never came across any third party providers who comply this site policy, viz no tracking and non intrusive. To help improve the site here, feel free to schedule a call here.

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